Your Energy Pathways

There is a natural healing force within you. It is your most powerful weapon against disease. Your body is a miracle of nature and has an extraordinary talent to heal itself.

It is widely believed that gems & crystals act as amplifiers when brought into contact with the human body’s seven-chakra points. The energy field (otherwise known as the aura) that surrounds, penetrates, and binds the body-mind-spirit is in a perpetual state of activity. It is constantly in motion, continuously taking in and sending out vibrating energy waves through openings in the aura (otherwise known as chakras). Rotating at different speeds, these chakra points release energies, imparting the body with its precious life forces. While your chakras can become clogged from stress or anxiety, using gems or crystals in accordance with meditation or bodywork is thought to help balance these energy points, promoting health, happiness and well being.

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